Thursday, 9 August 2012

Learning to scuba dive

I’ve always been drawn to the appeal of a blog but whenever I start one I realise that my ramblings are probably not that interesting, or if at times they were, certainly not very useful. When I think about some of my hobbies there are already vast blogs out there e.g. cooking, prostitution (the latter is a joke btw!).

I’ve been trying to find blogs that are written by new scuba divers, taking you through their first experiences of underwater breathing and all of the requirements. I found useful articles, nearly always written by men, but based on a few google searches I wasn’t overwhelmed with informative blogs out there (I use the phrase “a few google searches” as I am sure there are some exceptional blogs out there, I just wasn’t searching the right way!).

So here is my blog! I am starting this blog after my try drive experience and would like to share my experiences going forward of the PADI Open Water course and dives thereafter…

So I hope you find this useful and share your experiences or similar blogs with me.

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